I have devoted time to painting and drawing throughout my nearly thirty years as an architect in private practice. In recent years, I have taken up painting as a serious vocation. 

In my Impasse paintings, I paint over what I cannot see, the blankness that I do see. Because I believe this cannot occur if my will is too engaged, I forego composition, gesture, and figure.

My Lattice paintings, an earlier series, were also painted over what I could not see, or the blankness that I did see. But while gesture was restricted, figuration, in which I include the linear or geometric, was not. Like the Impasse paintings, they were done quickly, without a pause.

My Flux paintings were an earlier attempt to achieve what I am trying to capture in my Impasse paintings, but with them I relied on gesture.

In my watercolors, the earliest work shown here, I recorded stages in the liquid destruction of works I painted for that purpose, returning to something I did as a boy—building structures with my wooden blocks, then selectively removing blocks to observe the resulting stages of collapse.